Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gratitude for the Little Things

Sometimes I find it is hard to realize how blessed my life really is. I know I like to say I am grateful for all my blessings, but sometimes feel like I never take the time to really think about what each little blessing is? The other day I was laying in my hammock under the cherry tree thinking of all the many blessing I have in my life. This is how my thoughts went:

Wow, the cherry blossoms are really big and beautiful.

I am so thankful for my Heavenly Father who created such beautiful blossoms on this tree.

I am thankful for the person who planted this tree so many years ago so I can be enjoying its beauty today.

I am thankful it is a perfect tree for my hammock.

I am thankful for this time to sit in this hammock and look at these beautiful blossoms.

I am thankful for whoever made this hammock so I can be resting in it and looking at these cherry blossoms.

I am thankful for a beautiful little girl, who is napping, so I can be in this hammock under this tree looking at these beautiful blossoms.

I am thankful for the baby monitor so I don’t have to be in the house while she sleeps and can be in this hammock looking at these gorgeous cherry blossoms.

I am grateful for this perfect, peaceful, warm, spring, afternoon that I can be looking at the beautiful blossoms on the cherry tree.

The list could go on and on. In that moment I could feel the many small and little blessing that I take most for granted each day of my life. What a wonderful blessing that my Heavenly Father gave to me to have that moment of peace, beauty, and gratitude in my life. (from a journal entry April 2009)

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